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B.A.P ~ JongUp Facts

Real Name: Moon Jongup (문종업)
Birthdate: February 6th, 1995
Height: 176cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Gyeonggi-do
Family: Parents, 2 Older Brothers
Position: Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist
Bunny Color: Green
Sunae Elementary School & Middle School, Hanlim Arts High School
Listening to music
Role Model: 
Chris Brown
Usual Fashion: 
Frequent Habit: 
Hearing the sound of his knuckles cracking.
Favorite Food: 
Raw meat
Favorite Type of Music: 
Dance music, Hip Hop, R&B
Favorite Color: 
Black, Green
Favorite Movie: 
“Step Up Series”
Favorite Number: 
“Always do what you like, do what you want, and try your best to be happy.”
He said his english name is ‘Peater’ .
When he was in middle school he created a dance club with his friends and entered dance competitions, one of which was directed by a casting manager.
He doesn’t work out much; his muscles are mainly from dancing.
He calls his biceps ‘Cheetos’ and it’s also one of his nicknames.
He was the second to have had the longest trainee days after Yongguk among the members.
He tends to get shy a lot but he knows how to speak about his thoughts.
He’s really pure and innocent but also has a quirky side of him that people find attractive.
His ideal type is someone who he “likes the moment I see them”.He says ideals are just ideals.
His “first love” was Kim Taehee.
He likes necklaces and shoes.
He likes to read mangas and play video games, World of Warcraft seems to be his favorite.
He grinds his teeth in his sleep.
His hidden talent is doing the hula hoop.
Jongup’s bed is messy according to Daehyun.
He visited America when he was younger and got lost. It’s one of his worst memories.
He’s the closest to Zelo.

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