Selasa, 13 November 2012

B.A.P ~ Zelo Facts

Stage Name: ZELO (젤로)
Real Name:
 Choi Junhong (
Birthdate: October 15th, 1996
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Mokpo
Family: Parents, Older Brother
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae
Bunny Color:
Education: Mokpo Yehyang Elementary School, Sungnae Middle School & Seoul Performing Arts High School
Hobbies: Listening to music, Writing lyrics
Skills: Rap, Dance, Acrobatics, Beatboxing, Skateboarding
Personality: Shy
Role Model: Kanye West, Will.I.Am
Usual Fashion Style: He likes street fashion but likes dressing like a slim fit model.
Frequent Habit: Blinking
Favorite Food: Kimchi
Favorite Type of Music: Kanye West’s “Good Morning”,Electronic, Hip Hop, R&B
Favorite Color: Grey, Green, Red, White
Favorite Movie: ”Crossing”, “Step Up”
Favorite Number: 7
Motto: “Men live and die.”

He’s been into music since he was in elementary school. He trained in the “JOY Dance Academy”, a music school in his hometown, since his 5th year of elementary school where he learned how to sing, rap and dance.
His stage name “ZELO” comes from the Greek and Roman God Mythology “Zelus” whom was the god of rivalry.
He’s the baby in the ‘male idol family tree’.
Enjoys being the maknae because the members take good care of him, even though they tease him a lot.
He talks in his sleep and sometimes the members answer to him in their sleep.
The dream of young Zelo was to become a soccer player.
Since he started training at an early age, he doesn’t have much friends and because he lives with the hyungs, he have grown close to them. Rather than sneaking out by himself, if he were to sneak out with his hyungs, he’d want to simply just go out to get smoothies with them.
He’d want to play a survival game around their neighborhood with the members.
Although he hasn’t dated anyone yet, he likes smart girls; good at areas where he’s weak at. He also likes girls who look pretty when smiling and even more if they can speak english well.
He wants his fans to call him oppa, even though he’s probably younger than most of them.
He says he got his good skin from his parents.
He used to exchange online game items with his friends so they’d include him in their team for dancing and singing competitions.
He sleeps with stuff on his bed, including his computer.
He’s the closest to Jongup.

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