Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

Just in 4 fandom :)

Hi Everyone...

Hi Kpopers..

Hi VIPs..

Hi Babys..

Hi ELFs..

Hi BBCs..

I Just in 4 fandom. Just???? Haha.. Yess... i'm multifandom :p
i have 4 fandom .. 
~VIP, because i love Big Bang so much..
~BABY, because i can't stop thinking about B.A.P..
~ELF, because Super Junior too interesting to be left..
~BBC, because Block-B make me going crazy.

but i just stan for one group at a time.. a very long time.. =)

ex: now.. 2013 .. idk, why i'm so focused for B.A.P ..
B.A.P like driving my brain.. hahahh...
really like them.. can't stop thinking about B.A.P..

it's me ^^v

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